Volunteer registration for the 2015 Barracuda Championship is NOW OPEN! Click this link to register now and enjoy discounts for early registration.


Register to volunteer between now and December 31 and registration is just $40.

Register to volunteer between January 1 and March 31 and your registration fee is $45.

Register between April 1 and July 31 and your registration fee is $55.


As always, military veterans, active duty, guard and reserve + first responders and high school students volunteer for free of charge! For military members, when we ask to provide proof of military service please fax or mail a document of your choice that contains your Military Credentials. Please omit, cover up or black out any sensitive information such as Social Security Number.The information we DO need to be visible: first name, last name, valid dates and/or status, for example: "retired" or "active duty". Thank you!



Volunteer FAQs


Please read some of the frequently asked questions below. If you still do not have the answer you need, do not hesitate to contact us. Just call 775.322.3900 or email us at Info@BarracudaChampionship.com.


What duties are available for Volunteering?

Volunteers may work in a variety of capacities and there is truly something for everybody! Click here to visit this official Barracuda Championship Volunteer website to learn more about opportunities.


Is being a Volunteer free of charge?

As a 501c3 nonprofit Foundation, the Reno-Tahoe Open Foundation is proud to state that over $3 million has been donated to area nonprofit organizations to-date! This is due in part to the amazing force of Volunteers we have on our side, and their willingness to provide a contribution to cover the cost of their Volunteer uniform. Contributions above and beyond $55 are not only tax deductible, but are appreciated and aid us in continuing to give back as much as possible to our community. Military members and veterans and high school students volunteer for free of charge. Now through March 31, 2015, volunteers who register early will receive discounts off of the normal volunteer package fee of $55.


I am a member of the military, am a first responder or am in high school and so I volunteer for free. How do I do this during Volunteer registration?

During the sign-up process you will see an option to select "military member" - select this option and you will be able to sign up without entering credit card information. You will do this even if you are a high school student. Please note that you will then need to send in either your military identification or student i.d. card in order to volunteer for free. When we ask to provide proof of military service please fax or mail a document of your choice that contains your Military Credentials. Please omit, cover up or black out any sensitive information such as Social Security Number.The information we DO need to be visible: first name, last name, valid dates and/or status, for example: "retired" or "active duty". Thank you!


When I register online it asks me to add three committee choices, but I only want to volunteer for my first choice. Do I have to fill in all three?

Yes, we ask that you fill in all 3 choices because committees are filled on a first come, first served basis. That being stated, we strive to give all of our valuable Volunteers the best experience possible.  Keep in mind the great package that all Volunteers receive and all of the wonderful nonprofit organizations that benefit from your service, to the tune of $3 million to-date! It may be worth your while to become a Volunteer and experience something new and continue to help the Reno-Tahoe Open Foundation give back to the community. Sorry, no reimbursements will be offered after April 1, 2015.


Is training provided for my Volunteer position?

All Volunteers are trained prior to the Barracuda Championship so that you will feel confident knowing how to do your job. A training session for all volunteers will take place on Saturday, July 25th, 2015.


I would like an extra Volunteer member shirt and a straw hat instead of the provided hat. What should I do?

If you would like a second Volunteer shirt, the cost of this is just $20 extra.  If you would like to upgrade from the provided golf hat or visor to a straw hat, the cost of this is also just $15.  When signing up to become a Volunteer you will have the option of selecting these upgrades. 


Where do I pick up my uniform and Volunteer package?

Your uniform will be picked up at the Volunteer Training session held on Saturday, July 25th. Those who cannot pick up their uniforms at that time will be able to pick up their uniform in the Volunteer Tent during tournament week.


Which days are Volunteers needed?

The majority of Volunteer assignments are Wednesday through Sunday of tournament week but some assistance may be requested before and after tournament week. Committee descriptions will include the days each committee operates. These days may be subject to change and your individual schedule will be communicated with you by your Committee Captain.


How long can I be expected to work each day? How many days?

Depending on the committee on which you serve, the average workday is 4 to 6 hours long. Some assignments may require longer days, particularly Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Typically Volunteers work three or more shifts, but a minimum of two shifts worked are required in order to be a Volunteer. We are very grateful to our Volunteers and their ability to donate their time to this event.


What do I wear while I am working?

Volunteers will wear their own khaki bottoms and be asked to wear the provided Barracuda Championship official Volunteer shirt and cap. Volunteers are required to wear the uniform on the days they are working so that guests at the event can easily spot you. Volunteers keep this exclusive merchandise as their own.


Who benefits from the work I do?

Of course the PGA TOUR and spectators greatly appreciate the efforts of our Volunteers - it's no secret that the success of the event depends on our volunteer force. An enhanced experience for players, spectators and sponsors ensures our charitable giving increases.  To-date, the Reno-Tahoe Open Foundation has donated over $3 million to the local community and generated an incredible economic impact for our area.  Our Volunteers are a huge part of this success!

Volunteer Leadership & Contact


The Barracuda Championship boasts some of the best volunteer leaders within the PGA TOUR.  These hard working individuals give their time and energy to make the Barracuda Championship the best it can be and allows the Foundation to give back more to our community.  We thank these Forecaddie leaders, and encourage you to contact them to ask any questions you may have, or just to thank them yourself!


Note: If you are registered to be a Forecaddie for a particular committee and are yet to be assigned your schedule, please be sure to make contact with your Department Chair listed below.  They are here to help!


Department Chairs


Richard James - CHAIR


Irene Dudley - Sponsorship Venues Department Chair


Michael Healey - Operations Volunteer Chair


Iris Shimabukuro - Scoring Department Chair


Rene Torrez - Volunteer Services Department Chair